Saturday, 21 July 2012

Track mania 2 review Tips to play

Most Track mania 2 lovers wait anxiously for its release. EA games present Track mania 2 series which has been released on the Fifteenth of Nov this year in the U.S. Fans could not stop referring to all the amazing functions of this game and the Internet was swarmed with statements about this great and exciting game. But what is most exciting all about? What makes this name so exceptional? Take a fast trip with me and you will discover out.

The fascination of Track mania 2 is the return of the high-speed, cops goes after that was presented in the very first hit of the sequence and mastered in Track mania 2. You may design your own track according to your perfection level, either on deserts, on hills on plain roads it’s up to you. You also have options to generate bridges with customized options.

Very high speed NOS cars are offer you to drive but for that matter you have to unlock them by earning more points. Free cars are Hyundai Tiburon, Infiniti G35 Coupe, Lexus IS 300 play and unlock

Mazda RX-8
Acura RSX
Audi A3
Mitsubishi 3000GT

Audi TT
Benz SLK55
Ferrari 599
Mitsubishi Eclipse 

Nissan Sentra
Ford Mustang
Hummer H2

The customized roads are an awesome advancement of EA to help gamers to drive according to their mood J customized speed-breaker is much like the bullet-time function of games like Need for speed. One thing that may dissatisfy lovers is the fact that the customization of the vehicle’s parts. You can only change your spoiler, cover, ceiling scoops.

You can purchase complete body sets that will modify your muffler guidelines, front lights, etc. instantly to fit in with the particular kit you select. You can still color your car, add vinyl’s, put stickers on your journey and color your wheels (but not you’re stopping mechanism calipers. Artwork your car and modifying its overall look is important to your success in the overall activity. This will help you avoid the cops by providing your danger level down after each visible update, or change you create to your journey.


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