Saturday, 21 July 2012

Most Exciting and Thrilling Game Max Payne 2 Review

Remedy studio is a well known and popular company; they decide to make Max Payne series that is based on a story of Max Payne a police detective. In this game Max awake and find him self into a hospital in injured condition and he didn’t know that what happened to him self he just restores his some memory that is just like dream. And when is going to out from hospital he find there are some people who want to kill him.

Max Payne 2 Review

In1st Part Max finds himself responsible for the encounter of a women and who he thought was dead. They then proceed to drag each other into another murder mystery. The game is just like its old part like in first game you walk around a dark in the threatening city that is filled with thugs who look like aim on filling you with as a lot of holes as probable.

There are 8 levels of this game each level has its one mission and every level lead to nest level, and as I said this is a story based game so you should remember and watch each and every thing, any speech and conversation. During the playing of this game Max find a woman name Mona who help the Max, and also love him.

Now after meting with Mona this game story become more interesting and romantic. And the wonderful bullet time feature of this game is still in the game however now you don’t need to kill enemies. In this game remedy studio try to make this game easy to play means not at all time you need to kill the enemies with guns. The graphic and sound quality is awesome and player attractive, but at some seen graphic become a little bit dark, but overall it’s a wonderful game. I love the sound track of this game that’s really awesome.


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