Wednesday, 18 July 2012


NEED FOR SPEED is very popular racing series having a big number of fans. Now this racing series is back with retribution, after the successfulness of NEED FOR SPEED underground 1. The first part was made in 1994 that was so simple. This game is very near to real race driving with perfect simulation.


These two games also available in special edition. And EA Games bring the police chasing in N4SPEED3 Hot pursuit. And Hot Pursuit has more fun to play and give a true pleasure to game player. And this is the game in which career mode and tournament was introduced.
After that NEED FOR SPEED bring and other adventurous follow-up series that is Porsche Unleashed. This game is still very popular between the Porsche fans. After that NEED FOR SPEED brought Hot pursuit 2 but it was not sell out like its first part.

EA Games didn’t give up they introduced a new awesome series NEED FOR SPEED UNDERGROUND. This game is very near the actual car racing simulation and race feelings. And in this game EA introduced car customization that is most important thing of this part and its fans love it to customize their cars according to their will. And in this game player can fit different type of parts in it car, like body kit, engine, NOS, tires, rims, colors etc.
Different and new amazing sound tracks, background music is awesome and during the race player really enjoy with these soundtracks. Career mode is very different thing in this game, in which first you have a low grade car and as you win the races the other cars going to unlock and you can purchase, customize them according to your will, graphics are also amazing as the name show N4S UNDERGROUND all races start in the night mode and tournament tracks and traffic are set with new puzzling strategy


Thanks so much for your description of NEED FOR SPEED in details. I start download now :D
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