Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Darkness 2 Video Preview

Darkness 2 Review:
You think about four limbs create the difference between previous versions of Darkness, but still shooting arms save you with any combating. As devil-infected gangster Jackie Estacado, you not only have two creature limbs with which to exert a standard array of weapons, Refills and mugging rifles, but two these creature is not only make the difference but also some quality graphics or background effect increase the rank of this chapter.

Your left button push Grabby to catch the enemy with deadly teeth. You can command him with your left side button. It’s up to you how you can manage it because if you push him in a deadly area than you take risk on grabby life. So your right site button forces Mister Slashy to attack the infected creatures. Same rules apply according to grabby. Don’t give command to both at a time, so you could put him in danger.


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