Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Cue Club Download Free For Pc - Additional Features

Cue club is a very popular game between the fans of snooker and pool due to its game play, features, graphic, and environment. Cue club has seven different types of snooker and pool game, and you can play US or European 8 ball, that is one of the most popular and well known games.

Cue Club Download Free

You can also try 9 balls in which all balls have numeric number and you have to drop the balls with ascending order. And the fans of snooker, this is the European game can also play snooker in cue club. There are 2 games of snooker in cue club one with 15 reds and one with 10. And you can play it with computer, online and with our friends due to the 2 player’s options. There are different types of difficulty levels you can choose them according to your will. There are also a lot of functions available during the tournament like, chalk, preview, and zoom, different motions like slow and fast.

And the most important part of this game is the movement of balls and angles. Cue Club is very near to original game play you can drop the ball on your desire pocket and angle that you set are very close in real sense. You can chalk up your cue, also set the cue ball side and power of strike.

The graphics of Cue Club are very beautiful. Different types of table colors, designs, national flags, object images can be set on the table. Lighting effect are awesome, like disco, party, tournament, professional look, you can set. You can also create different environment like light smoke, dense smoke, foggy, clear, disco, flash light etc.


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